Frequently Asked Questions

What are the airport's hours of operation?

The airport terminal building never closes. However, each business operator sets its own hours of operation. For specific information on one of our airport tenants, check out the information on our Tenant Directory page

When should I arrive for my flight?

Passengers are advised to arrive at the airport 2 (two) hours prior to departure to allow time to check-in, proceed through security, and arrive at the gate in advance of boarding. Airlines recommend being at the gate at least 45 minutes prior to departure. Additional time for parking and wayfinding should be considered as well. PLEASE NOTE! Allegiant Air and Frontier Airlines close their ticket counters 45 minutes prior to scheduled departures. If you have not checked in by this time, you will not be allowed to board your flight.

How do I get to the airport and how much does it cost to park?

Gerald R. Ford International Airport is conveniently located at the corner of 44th Street and Patterson Avenue, within 25 minutes of downtown Grand Rapids. If you would like a map or driving directions, click here. We offer a range of parking options. Click here for more information.

What do I do if I am picking someone up or dropping someone off?

Please remember that the terminal building curb front is limited to immediate pick-up and drop-off only. Vehicles may not park or wait at the terminal curb front. If you are picking someone up and they are not ready and waiting on the curb, we suggest parking in the cell phone lot located off of Pederson Court. You may wait in your vehicle for your passenger to call and then proceed to the curb front to pick them up. If this arrangement does not meet your needs, you can park in short-term parking on Level 1 of the parking garage so that you may leave your vehicle. Drivers should be aware that vehicles entering the terminal curbside or parking facilities may be subject to inspection.

How do I know if I can take certain items onboard the aircraft with me?

For a complete list of permitted and prohibited items in both carry-on and checked baggage, please visit the TSA website. If you want to know if a particular item is permitted or prohibited, click here to be redirected to the My TSA app.

How large of a carry-on am I allowed to bring on board the plane?

Individual airline policies regarding carry-on luggage may vary. If you have specific questions, we recommend that you contact your airline directly.

Need information on traveling with a pet?

Check with your airline for specific information about prices, shipping requirements, and restrictions for all pets and live animals. Please be aware that all animals must be in travel carriers when in the passenger terminal building. (This does not apply to assistance animals.)

I am nursing. Is there a private place where I can nurse/pump in the airport?

We offer a nursing room both pre- and post-security for your comfort and privacy. The pre-security room is located on the west end of the Grand Hall just beyond the stairs across from Starbucks. The post-security room is located near the restrooms across from Starbucks in the Marketplace.

Where can I smoke at the airport?

In accordance with City of Grand Rapids ordinance, all areas within the terminal building are designated as smoke-free. This ordinance also includes e-cigarettes. Smoking/vaping is permitted outside in designated areas only. View a map of these locations.

Which airlines serve GRR? And how many passenger flights occur each day?

Gerald R. Ford International Airport is served by seven passenger airlines with 140 daily nonstop scheduled flights to and from more than 30 major market destinations. Nearly 9,000 travelers pass through Gerald R. Ford International Airport each day, and more than 3.26 million passengers passed through the airport in 2018. Visit the History & Statistics portion of the site for more interesting facts about the airport.

How accurate is the Real Time Flight Information?

The airlines are responsible for updating the flight information system which updates the monitors in the terminal. This same information is fed to our website. Due to circumstances beyond our control, it is possible that flight information on our monitors and website may not be updated as frequently as we would like. There are other sources for obtaining flight information in addition to the real time data on our site. Here are some other options:

Flight Tracking

Your best option is to contact your airline directly. Most feature automated flight information either online or via their phone system.

What is the airport's role during prolonged delays involving airlines with passengers on board?

The Gerald R. Ford International Airport has adopted a Tarmac Delay Contingency Plan, which has been approved by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Is there a lost and found office at GRR?

For all items lost on an aircraft and for lost luggage, please contact your airline directly.

For items lost/left behind at a TSA Passenger Security Screening checkpoint, please contact the TSA directly at 616-285-6631. Please note that prohibited items surrendered at the checkpoint WILL NOT be returned.

For items lost in the passenger terminal facility at GRR, please complete this form. Once submitted, a staff person will contact you if we have or receive an item matching your description. Items turned in to the airport police are generally held for 30 days.

Where do I go for lost or damaged luggage?

Contact your airline directly regarding lost or damaged luggage.

What are some of the passenger amenities offered at the airport?

Airport amenities include a range of food and beverage choices, skycap service, complimentary business centers, charging stations at every gate, complimentary Wi-Fi access, a shoe shine center, kids play rooms pre- and post-security, business lounges, nursing mothers rooms pre- and post-security, conference and meeting rooms, news and gift shops, and a staffed visitor information desk. Click here for links to our terminal map, a complete list of our amenities, and more about our visitor information desk.

Where can I access a currency exchange?

Currency exchange services may be available through your bank. Local branches of Chase Bank, Fifth Third Bank, and PNC Bank provide this service for most currencies. Some may charge fees so you may wish to call ahead and inquire.

Can meeting space be rented at the airport passenger terminal building?

There are meeting rooms available for rent by the public.

Where can I get information on job opportunities at the airport?

If you are interested in a position with the Gerald R. Ford International Airport Authority (GFIAA), check out our Employment page. If you are interested in a position with an airline or other airport tenant, please contact them directly.

How can we get airline tickets donated for our fund-raising event?

The Airport Authority does not have the ability to give tickets to fundraising efforts as those are distributed by the individual airlines. In support of local community efforts, Gerald R. Ford International Airport is pleased to provide information to charitable organizations to request complimentary airline tickets. To submit a request, please contact each airline directly via the links below. Every airline has a different process for airfare requests and provides detailed guidelines and procedures for how best to proceed.

Allegiant | American | Delta | Froniter | Southwest | United

Can our group solicit donations/sell fund-raising items at the airport?

In accordance with State law and the Airport's Rules & Regulations it is a violation for any person or entity to solicit for any purpose at the airport in any manner.

I collect pins, postcards, brochures, souvenirs, and other airport memorabilia. Could you send me any of these items for my collection?

Unfortunately, we are not able to send out airport souvenirs due to the large number of requests for such items. However, when you are traveling or visiting, check one of our many gift shops to see what is available.

Who manages and operates the airport?

Gerald R. Ford International Airport is managed and operated by the Airport Authority, under the direction of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport Authority Board, a seven-member body with the responsibility for policy setting and general oversight of the airport.

Who manages and operates the security screening checkpoints?

The Transportation Security Administration is responsible for the screening of passengers, carry-on baggage, and checked baggage.

How do I register an airline, checkpoint, or noise complaint?

Visit the Contact GFIA page for details on how to register various complaints.

What is the official 3-letter identifier for Gerald R. Ford International Airport?
GRR is the official airport designator for Gerald R. Ford International Airport. The international identifier is KGRR.

Why is it Gerald R. Ford International Airport?

The designation of International for an airport is not related to flight activity. Gerald R. Ford International Airport received this designation in 1977 when the U.S. Customs and Border Protection opened its offices at the airport.

How many local tax dollars go to support the airport facility?

Zero. The airport is financially self-supporting and receives no funding from property taxes, general funds, or special taxes. Airport operations generate local net airport revenue, rather than spend valuable tax dollars. GFIAA's capital projects are funded through various sources, including earned surpluses, revenue bonds, passenger facility charges, and grants under the federal Airport Improvement Program and the Michigan state aviation grant program. Operational requirements are met through rates and charges assessed to airport tenants and airport patrons for the use of airport services and facilities.

What role does the Airport Authority play in determining the level of air service at GRR?

Quality air service is critical to West Michigan's economy, and the Airport Authority is involved in ongoing efforts to maintain and improve the level of air service at the airport. Authority staff meet on a regular basis with the airlines that currently serve the airport, as well as airlines not currently serving GRR. While the Authority is not able to directly set airfares, routes, or flight schedules, the cooperative relationships we maintain with our airline partners allow us to help build and maintain quality sustainable air service offerings for West Michigan.